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New features in Lectora 12.1

Click on the icons above to learn more!

eLearning Brothers

Lectora Template Library


Use games, interactions, scenarios, navigation players and course starters all built in Lectora. Access the Lectora file directly from your Media Library and start building awesome courses today.

eLearning Brothers

Cutout People Library


Thousands of character images are ready to drop right into Lectora. Each character has a transparent background and comes with multiple poses and emotions.

eLearning Brothers

Interaction Builder


Rapidly create HTML5 and Flash games and interactions in the Interaction Builder. Add your text, images and audio. Then add your custom interaction directly to your existing course.

There’s a reason the Global 2000 choose Lectora to create powerful eLearning. Check out the benefits you get with Lectora 12:


Rotate and Flip. New object adorners allow for the rotation and flipping of shapes, images and text buttons. Alternatively, use the controls in the new Rotation and Mirroring group of the Position and Size ribbon to flip and rotate objects.


Image Cropping. Easily crop images directly on the page to improve the framing or to better highlight the subject matter.


Place Objects Outside the Page. Place objects completely outside of the page boundaries of the publisher. Objects off the page can’t be viewed by your learners - use a Move action to animate the objects onto the page.


Customizable Button States. Configure the Normal, Over, Down and Disabled states of buttons. For each state, you change the shape style, or modify the text style. Use the new Set State action to set the state of a button to either enabled or disabled.


Opacity Setting. You can adjust the opacity settings of shapes, images, buttons and text blocks. Use this option when layering text over images so that your text is easy to read, or try blending images together by changing their opacity.


Hover Text Menu. Quickly format text with the Hover Text Menu. The menu will automatically appear when you select letters or words or when you right-click on text in a text block.


Improved Guide Handling. Use the Add Guide and Clear Guide options on the View ribbon to quickly add and remove guides. Use the handles on the ruler to easily move a guide horizontally or vertically on the page.


Web Window Properties. Set a number of properties for Web Window objects including borders, margins, scrollbar and transparency settings.


Publish for Offline Use. Publish titles for offline use to distribute on external media such as CD-ROMs and flash drives. Alternatively, place the directory on a shared network drive to collaborate with team members.


Accessibility. Numbered and bulleted lists are formatted using the current HTML standards. This allows screen reader applications such as JAWS to recognize the text as lists when your title is published to the Web (HTML). Along with lists, status indicators, questions and the table of contents have all been improved for accessibility.


Border Styles. You can add and modify the border style of shapes, images, buttons and text blocks. Determine border color, weight and line style from the object’s Style ribbon.


Number and Bulleted lists. Select from new types of bullets and numbering schemes - choose from circles, squares, checks, diamonds and more. When you indent lines of a numbered list, the scheme will automatically update to reflect the new list level.

Lectora Inspire

Stay on the cutting edge with new Lectora features. To automatically receive this new version update and any future changes to Lectora - make sure your Lectora JumpStart Program is current. Features and enhancements are developed specifically based on the suggestions of Lectora users we listen and act!



Lectora has a feature that no other content authoring tool has (click below to learn more):

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